Batterysaver Pro BlackBerry App

Booster your battery! Optimize & lengthen battery life and performance dramatically. And TRUE!   FREE in Month length! When you feel it convinced, then you can make choice whether to buy.

Scientific basis: screen brightness, WiFi, Radio, background apps. These factors eat up battery in a huge way. Our app just makes intelligent setting to meet your best performance of system, still with saving battery in a wise & silent way.

1. TRULY Optimize
2. Wise setting cover: Device Lock, Display Manager, Radio, WiFi, Auto off, Processes
3. Stunning screensaver function with color, flags. pictures. *screensaver function will eat battery in logic, still it’s very nice to balance nice UI and power saver these two elements*
4.  Built with next UI effect in menu and setting, very comfortable to use.

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    Where is the download link on this page?

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