OS 6 Style Purple BlackBerry Theme

Standard BlackBerry OS 6 Style Purple UI theme recolored with purple accents.
Percent battery meter changes color as discharged: Purple – Blue – Green – Yellow – Orange – Red.  (The Theme Builder battery meter is composed of limited images; therefore, the exact percentage cannot be shown. There are 3rd party apps available which display the exact percentage on your homescreen.)

As with ANY theme, it is recommended that you perform a restart with battery pull after installation.sumo wrestling suits for sale
To install ANY theme on your Torch, go to Options (icon)- Display- Screen Display.  Highlight the theme in the list at the bottom and click the trackpad twice to “activate.”
To uninstall ANY theme from your Torch, go to Options (icon) – Device- Application Management.  Highlight the theme in the list, click into it and press “Delete.”

Note: This theme was created using the BETA version of the Theme Builder software, which has a few bugs.  I have made every attempt to minimize the impact of these bugs.  Out of fairness to you, this theme created using the beta software is free!inflatable pool slides


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