Vortex Sidebar with Today BlackBerry Theme


Vortex – futuristic, shiny and thumb friendly. Vortex keeps your most used applications easily at your disposal in a dual side bar that reveals the next set. A large Today preview area will allow you to peak into your messages or calendar without ever having to launch the apps. This means less time thumbing around and a faster response rate.

Special feature: Vortex displays your name at the top to let everyone know that you are the Master of your

The Vortext theme:

* Bright, beautiful & vivid colors
* 2 page icon sidebar
* 8-10 customizable icons
* Profile Icon Slot
* Massive “Today” preview area for Messages and Calendar
* NEW Owner Name text
* Futuristic look
* Non-customizable Wallpaper

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Compatible With: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

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