3D Coin Toss

3D Coin Toss gives you four coin flipping possibilities. Shake your device or touch the screen to flip then see if you get heads, tails or find your coin landing on its edge or falling off the table. You’ll enjoy the 3D animated French coin graphics as you toss it into the air. Click “…More” to learn why you should download this App today!

Neither you or your buddy can remember whose turn it is to pay. After a few minutes of discussion and finger pointing, you come up with the solution – 3D Coin Toss!

Pulling out your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad, you give it a shake. Your friend is calling heads, so naturally you’re hoping for tails. You both hold your breath and watch the coin fly through the air, waiting to see who is going to have to pull out their wallet. You don’t have to wait long. In a second or two, the camera will zoom in on the side that lands face up.

Oh, no! The coin came down on its side and is staying that way. That’s alright, just give your iDevice another shake and try again. After awhile, you realize that you and your friend have been having fun with the app. You both forget why you were using 3D Coin Toss in the first place!

3D Coin Toss is a simple app that simulates a coin toss, using beautiful 3D graphics and physics. It features a real looking French coin from the 1600’s. You’ll get a good look at it because the app’s camera follows the coin as it flips through air then zooms in on the result of the toss.

To get started, all you have to do is give your device a shake.

There are four possible outcomes in 3D Coin Toss. You might get heads or tails, or the coin may land on its edge or fall off the table. You never know what you’re going to get and that’s a big part of the fun.

Look at some of the features offered in 3D Coin Toss:
* Beautiful 3D animated graphics
* Four possible outcomes for each toss
* Accelerometer lets you merely shake your device to toss coin
* Camera follows the coin throughout the flip then zooms in when it lands
* Tons of fun yet good for settling minor disputes
* App is FREE, supported by the iAd network

3D Coin Toss is completely free, so why not download it right now, while you’re here. You’ll have tons of fun and maybe even settle a friendly argument or two.


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