Apple iOS 5 To Allow Custom Notification Center Plugins


Apple recently introduced the next generation of iOS, iOS 5, and among those 200 user features announced there’s a new Notification Center that aggregates all the notifications iPhone-wide in a single screen where you can either dismiss them or take action.

Recently it has been discovered that the Notification Center on iOS 5 might be able to handle custom plugins or widgets, as you wish. The process would allow stock applications as well as official (iTunes App Store) apps to have custom widgets in the Notification Center, where Apple currently placed the Stocks and Weather widgets.

For those into coding, you need to create a class that implements the BBWeeAppController protocol which will result in the widget launching a local application upon tapping. This could open up lots of doors and we can even hope for an Android-like action center to quickly turn off Data Connection or WiFi just by tapping shortcuts in the upper Notification Center window.} else {

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