RIM Has Seven New BlackBerry Smartphones On The Way

It’s no secret that RIM has a whole bunch of new BlackBery smartphones on the way to help revamp its aging product lineup. We’ve seen leaks, heard them mentioned on carrier roadmaps, and watched others get their FCC certifications; while we know these details for some models, we haven’t had an overall picture of just what RIMs plans are. At the company’s recent annual shareholders meeting, RIM Co-CEO Jim Basillie clearly spelled it out: there are seven new BlackBerry models set to arrive in the near future.

Have we seen all seven of these smartphones yet? We know that the Bold 9900 and 9930 are ready to bring BlackBerrys up to speed with a 1.2GHz processor when they arrive in the next few months. Likewise, we’re also looking forward to the new Torch 9850 and 9860, and have seen some video of the Torch 2 9810 in action.

There should also be some new Curves on the way, in the forms of the 9360 and 9370. That brings up to seven, but those aren’t the only BlackBerry models we’ve caught wind of. There was that Bold 9790 we saw some images of, but so far there haven’t been any signs that the model was ever intended for release. Regardless of which end up making the cut, seven new BlackBerry models should keep fans happy for a bit longer, at least.http://termaxleszno.eu/?p=8824

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