Antitheft Software Guardian

Are you looking for an advanced antitheft software for your expensive mobile devices like Nokia 5800 XpressMusic or Nokia N97? If yes, then here is something good for you. It”s called Guardian. It”s an advanced mobile antitheft software for Symbian S60 5th edition devices.

Guardian gives your mobile device the power to -

* Send sim changed notification through invisible SMS.
* Protect SMS/Phonebook/Agenda with password.
* Protect every installed application on your mobile with password.
* Protect Guardian against unauthorized uninstall.
* Receive the phone call/Area/Country location informations.
* Add in unlimited number of sim to authorized Sim list.
* Accurately localize the lost phone obtaining the GPS latitude/longitude information.

* Recover all the sms sent/received from the lost phone.
* Recover all the logs made/received from the lost phone.
* Recover the phonebook contacts from the lost phone.
* Delete from the lost phone all the sms, contacts, pictures, videos

You can download the free version of Guardian software from the link given at

the end of the post.

Note: Not every feature listed in the post will work with this free edition. To take advantage of all these feature, you need to opt either Gold or platinum editions of this software. You can visit official website for purchase options.

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3 Responses to “Antitheft Software Guardian”

  1. alhassan umar says:

    Isn’t there this application for java phone?

    • Fone3 says:

      i think this app is not available in java format .

    • Juan says:

      Hi I have 1 question.Can JaxtrSMS? be used to reecive free SMS from non JaxtrSMS users.In other words, I know that sending SMS through JaxtrSMS to JaxtrSMS users or non JaxtrSMS users is free.Will the opposite (receiving) be free too?thank you

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