Auto Installer App


install applications!
How to use:

1, you need to copy all the applications you want to install on E:\ThinkChange\c\ or E:\ThinkChange\e
2, enter the AutoSisInstaller application, press “StartInstall”, it will automatically install all the files in that folder
3, After the process is complete, there would be a summary telling you which files failed to install.
Why using AutoSisInstaller ?

1, Have many favourite applications to install after a firmware update?
2, Want to try many apps after bought a new phone?
3, Get bored to press many keys to install an applicaton

Another cool usage:

Share with your friend your favourite applications! Install AutoSisInstaller to the memory card, and just plug your memory card into his device, all your favourite applications in the E:\ThinkChange\ folder will be automatically installed to his device!


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