Compass Touch App

Use your device as a compass and find your way! A built-in magnetometer and GPS provide the following functionality: direction in degrees, traditional compass and longitude/latitude coordinates.


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6 Responses to “Compass Touch App”

  1. Aleks says:

    It doesn’t work with Nokia 5230, at least not as expected – it shows just your current geo-coordinates, but not the bearing, nor does the compass move as you turn around… :-(
    Any other experiences?

  2. Sayeed dhaka says:

    It doesn’t work with Nokia 5233

  3. Pakepoh says:

    It doesn’t work with Nokia 5800 to.

  4. shreya says:

    Doesn’t function on C6 as well…. only shows geocoordinates, but compass needle does not turn!!!

  5. Lao says:

    is it can use for Nokia X7?
    after installed, it doesn’t.
    it shown only co0rdinate.
    the bearing do not move.

  6. VIVAZ says:

    only shows the coordinates compass doesnt work at all —-VIVAZ

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