Data Security & Recovery

Data Security And Recovery by Superhero Solo is anti theft security application.

Main features are:

* Remote and Automatic Locking
* Sim Change Locking
* SMS Locking
* Device Scream
* Location Mapping
* Contact Backup

Anti Theft security application which has remote lock, intelligent locking, location and device recovery system built in. Lock by text even after sim change, locks on phone behaviour, maps device and makes it easy for a finder to report your found phone to you.

Main Features:

- Remote and Automatic Locking: Full screen lock will disable the phone completely making it unusable until unlocked.

- Sim Change Locking: The phone will lock and remain locked even if the sim card is changed.

- SMS Locking: Use a friends phone to text your lock code to your phone to remotely lock.

- Device Scream: Makes the phone a risk to handle and attracts attention for detterant.

- Location Mapping: GPS and celltower tracking will help to locate the missing or stolen phone.

- Contact Backup: Phone contact backup and restore allows you to recover vital data incase of loss or theft.


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