N-Desk Nokia Symbian App

N-Desk is a good software which provides a better way managing your application like iphone. It is the best option for replacing your menu application on your phone. Much more faster! Much more beautiful!

By using N-Desk you can:

* slide the screen like iphone (left/right)
* change the icons position like iphone (press the icon who’s position you want to change,2-3 sec; all the icons will start vibrating, now move the icon on position you want)
* move icon to the toolbar (press the icon for2-3 sec until starts vibrating, and move the icon to the toolbar)
* customize the background color, text and image color (slide the buttons on the Color Selecting Panel)
* customize the icons layout (5×3, 5×4, 6×3, 6×4)
* show/hide toolbar….

Tap on N-Desk icon to enter N-Desk Settings.

And as the author said, this is the least memory consuming application..so try it!


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Compatible With: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

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